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Male Caucasian Neurology doctor walking side-by-side with young patient girl in clinic hallway to assess her balance.
African American female Pediatric Intensive Care physician wearing white coat smiles as she listens to toddler patient's breathing in the patient's room using a stethoscope.
Male Caucasian Neurology physician sits next to young female caucasian patient wearing glasses while both raise arms in the air during an assessment to check the patient's mobility.
Male Oncology physician wearing mask (during Pandemic year 2020) holds a baby patient during an exam.
African American patient mother being guided how to perform neurodevelopment excercises on her toddler son as he lays on his stomach, with the mom's and caucasian female therapists hands on his forehead to keep his head facing straight ahead.
A Caucasian female nurse runs a digital thermometer across the forehead of a caucasian baby girl with her mouth agape in fixed gaze of observance of the nurse inches from her face.
African American baby with pacifier in mouth in-focus in the foreground, viewed through the  opening between the physician's outstretched arm her side, is being observed with a female clinician out-of-focus in the background in a brigthly-sun lit patient room.
Male Caucasian physician and 1 year-old Hispanic boy patient on exam table have big smiles as they face each other in an exam room.
Blonde Caucasian nurse with young Asian-Hispanic female patient in a hospital gown, viewed from behind them as they walk side-by-side down a hall in an Oncology hospital unit.